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Mucza Maja is a traditional tea through the village of Issogne from the mountains of Tajadailand. It's a novel blend of floral, citrus and spice notes. Mucza Maja has been revered for hundreds of years as one of the best and most strong herbal teas on the planet.

The unique and sophisticated aromas are produced by the combining with each other of various flower essences, largely freesia flowers from Indonesia and also the combining of herbal extracts from various destinations in Thailand. Mucza Maja also consists of resveratrol, which has been scientifically confirmed to lengthen life. The mix of both of these essence tends to make this tea quite nutritious for your body and soul. This tea will give you a feeling of wellbeing, vitality, invigoration and mental clarity. It is also referred to as Thai Mint.

The leaves of Mucza Maja are steamed to eliminate the tough skin on the decreased element. The leaves are then dried incredibly evenly to retain the oils and to create them easy to be sucked. The leaves are also disregarded in the Sunshine to dry and oxidize. The oxidation approach creates the exclusive flavor. The truth is, the oxidization procedure has also been utilized to purify the leaves of the tea.

When choosing Mucza Maja leaves, you've to be sure that You do not touch the stem as it contains a tough area. The leaves are often cleaned by using a bit of cotton fabric. It is recommended to leave the leaves out in the Solar for a few days to dry. The lengthier you allow the leaves out from the Sunshine, the darker and even more pungent their style gets.

The recommended solution to brew Mucza Maja tea is steeping the tea in hot h2o that you have introduced just ahead of brewing. This tends to enable to transform the astringency with the leaf right into a additional mellow taste. This tea may be diluted a number of periods prior to ingesting, depending on your tastes. It is usually recommended which you take about 3 to 4 sips at most. Drinking just the proposed total will generate a far better outcome.

1 cup of Mucza Maja leaves may seem to be lots so It can be encouraged to sample at the least two cups ahead of selecting which a person you like greatest. As soon as brewed, the tea is light, sweet and fragrant. It's got a balanced blend of floral and spice flavors. The flavor is fairly much like ripe jasmine blossoms but using a slight hint of sweetness. It is often drunk black and provides a alternatively sharp style.

The aroma from this tea is referred to as a combination of pomegranate, apple, cherry and lavender. It has a slight grassy flavor, almost like grass hay. One must not consume this tea chilly since it loses its flavor with each sip. Drinking the tea very hot delivers out an extremely intensive fruit flavor.

An exquisite technique to entertain visitors when over a trip will be to serve Mucza Maja tea. This tropical themed tea is a fantastic choice when serving refreshment for cocktail hour. Visitors are certain to be intrigued by this one of a kind Mix that ciekawe comes in many alternative flavors.


Lots of people have found that Mucza Maja Tea offers a beautiful choice to great Rooibos. Most people have no idea that Rooibos is in fact a cross amongst black currant and raspberry. Because of this it's got a sweeter flavor. Mucza Maja has a Substantially lighter flavor, but is not a weaker substitute for Rooibos. The foremost change is that the latter must be kept refrigerated and really should be saved ice cold though Mucza Maja requirements no refrigeration. In any case, the two are Similarly refreshing.

Men and women that come across themselves using a sweet tooth can delight in this tea, as well. It does not comprise sugar. The tea leaves Use a rather unique flavor that is definitely mildly nutty and musky. In some regions of the world, this tea is applied in its place to Splenda.

Mucza Maja is made up of a wealthy mix of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It is named a complete protein that fulfills all nutritional specifications. Some analysis even shows that it might help combat specified kinds of cancer. Considering the fact that its discovery, there are actually no unfavorable Uncomfortable side effects claimed from drinking this tea. For that reason, It's really a safe bet to consume this tea frequently to provide you with a nutritious beverage.

In the event you take pleasure in the style of the finest gourmet teas, then you will enjoy the smooth flavor of the tea. If you want to to test a little something distinctive, then this may be exactly what you are looking for. Mucza Maja has quite a few fans that swear by its overall health Added benefits and they usually continue to keep several packages on hand so that it's often readily available when they are wanting to check out something new. There may be even a free of charge sample featuring at several of the merchants where by Mucza Maja is marketed.